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Customer Testimonials

Hello!! Thats my first image (and it wont be the last, I assure you!)... its just 30-45 minutes per channel, and I think it produced a very nice image...!

Words wont describe the kindness and generosity of Dustin and Georgia Williams, I think the world would be a very better place with people like this couple...they received me amazingly well, took all my doubts about RemoteSkies operation, and they delivered all the image package with great care (Raw and Calibrated frames). Awesome work @ RemoteSkies ! And soon some new image is coming :-)

Daniel Nobre (São Paulo, Brazil)

I’m very impressed with the results (and your support and equipment). Many thanks.

By the way, I’d like to write a small blog about my newbie experience in this and mention you, Remote Skies and possibly show an image of the telescope (as shown on the Remote Skies web page).


Peter Staadecker (Toronto, Canada)

Wow…spectacular image you captured…so sharp!! 

Truly appreciate all the hard work…and very pleased.

Tom Sadowski (Minneapolis, MN)

-The quality is excellent.

-Thank you for your great work.

Dr. Michael Koenig (Tutzing, Germany)

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